Spring, the most welcome of seasons, comes yet slowly. The spell of winter is hard to shake off. The ferns seem in no hurry to lengthen, a new shoot pushes through a clod of earth but lingers, reluctant to rise in the cols air.  As the days grow longer and the breeze softens, we patiently wait and hope. The stony ground relaxes, the ditches gurgle with the spring rains, and juicy buds swell on the twig. Suddenly comes the surprise of a warm day, and with it the urgent activity of growth. Beneath our feet the ground turns lush, the bushes fatten in a haze of green, and a hungry bee flies past. Nature springs effortlessly into creative action; the birds sing praise in concert.

The senses, both tactile and emotional, are the doors of learning for the young child. Thus we walk in the woods with the squish of soggy leaves underfoot and the new smell of spring in the air and discover all over again the glorious rebirth of the earth. We say goodbye the last of the snow,  bake easter bread and begin preparing our garden plot for planting. We watch the skies for the lengthening daylight and seek out signs of baby animals, bird nests and returning flower fairies, as we excite in the enfolding life around us. Such activities foster a sense of wonder, anticipation, and gratitude for life in children. Take your child’s hand and step lightly into the beauty of spring-tide.

Sing Praise when pussy willows show

and daffodils push through the snow.

The sunlight the mourning clocks have sought

warm sister hare, twixt seasons caught.

Sing Praise with peepers all night long

beside the sprouting cattail pond,

while mallards nest with watchful eye,

and wood frogs sing their lullaby.

Sing Praise around the apple tree

when blossoms stir with honeybees.

Above in branches robins nest;

below the earth wakes from her rest.


Welcome to Spring time at Little Hands...